SoundTrack_Cologne 11 · SoundTrack_Cologne 11 - Festival of Music and Sound in Film and the Media
19.-22. November 2014, Köln

SEE THE SOUND · The Musicfilm-Festival
19.-26. November 2014, Köln

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SEE THE SOUND · SoundTrack_Cologne 12 · August 19-23, 2015

SoundTrack_Cologne 12 now invites all those working in film, producers and distributors, to submit music documentaries, artistic films about music and musicians, short films with a focus on music and music videos for the film programme SEE THE SOUND at SoundTrack_Cologne 12.

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An Evening Full of “Contrast”: SoundTrack_Cologne awards EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD, PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD and SEE THE SOUND music documentary award.

SoundTrack_Cologne 11 · 19. – 23.11.20114 | SEE THE SOUND · 19. – 26.11.2014

The juries of SoundTrack_Cologne have chosen their favorites. Winners are Marianna Liik (WDR FILMSCORE AWARD), Friso Hoekstra (EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD SOUNDDESIGN), Denis Barth (PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD and “Europe in 8 Bits” by Javier Polo (SEE THE SOUND MUSIC DOCUMENTARY AWARD).

The Lifetime Achievement Award of SoundTrack_Cologne went to musical pioneer Eberhard Schoener. In a very personal laudatio, actor Friedrich von Thun honered the composer, conductor and boundary defier Schoener as a creative man, great musician and above all friend.

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Program is now online!

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International Guests from Film, Games and TV at SoundTrack_Cologne 11

SoundTrack_Cologne 11 · 19.-22.11.2014 | SEE THE SOUND · 19.-26.11.2014

Big Names in film and video games at SoundTrack_Cologne 11 -- about 70 lectures from the professional fields of music for film, games and media as well as sound design are coming to Cologne from November 19th till 23rd, 2014. Amongst them the film composers John Ottman (X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST), Jean-Michel Bernard (BE KIND REWIND · THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP), Oscar nominated Indie-musician Owen Pallett (Score for HER) as well as TV music specialist Jeff Cardoni (CSI: MIAMI). Garry Schyman (BIOSHOCK), Olivier Derivière (ASSASSIN’S CREED IV), Inon Zur (CRYSIS) and Borislav Slavov (CRYSIS 2) will be joining from the field of games music. Representing Germany are the Lola-Award winners Matthias Weber and Tschangis Chahrokh-Zadeh (Best Score and Best Sound for THE DARK VALLEY) and Michael Riessler (Score for the HEIMAT-cycle).

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Composers workshop with Hollywood composer Yoav Goren / Immediate Music

Thursday, Nov 20, 2014, 10:00am – 06:00pm

The number of participants for this workshop is limited. The participation fee including full accreditation for SoundTrack_Cologne 11 is 390,00 Euros including VAT

About the workshop:
Prior to the workshop every potential participant has to submit his own, original music for a filmclip provided by SoundTrack_Cologne 11 (please refer to the requirements). At the actual workshop, Yoav Goren will outline the elements and requirements of the filmclip in an introduction and will analyse every submitted participant’s music, suggesting improvements and discussing options. The workshop’s objective is – on the one hand – to convey a sense of an actual briefing and discussion situation with a director, on the other hand to give an impression of essential composing rudiments of an experienced Hollywood composer. Through the individual review every participant shall discover personal improvement or alteration potentials.

After the analysis every workshop participant will be given time to work on his/her music. This means that the participants shall bring an appropriate working environment. Subsequently the changes in every participant’s music will be analysed and discussed.

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Composers workshop with games composer Borislav Slavov (Crysis 2, Crysis 3) and Helge Borgarts

Friday, Nov 21, 2014, 10:00am – 06:00pm

Goal: The Adaptive Music Workshop is meant for music professionals who want to get familiar with the contemporary Interactive Music for Video games.

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Competition for Young Upcoming Composers and Sound Designers

Create Your Own World of Music and Sounds!

Join the European Talent Competition in the categories film music composition and sound design! Win a one day recording session with the WDR Funkhausorchester Cologne and a 5.1 final mix down for a short film for a DCP at a recording studio in Germany, sound libraries and sound designer tools that will help you to gain ground in professional business. Show your skills and create a new sound track / sound design for the short film offered by SoundTrack_Cologne below! Entry deadline for the competition is October 15, 2014.

Active students in the field of sound design/sound and/or composition at an European film and/or music school (without age limit) or creatives in the field of sound design and / or composition/music (maximum age 30) can participate in the competition.

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SEE THE SOUND · SoundTrack_Cologne 11 · 19. - 26.11.2014

Music Documentaries, Artistic Films about Music and Musicians, Short Films with a Focus on Music and Music Videos

Deadline for the submission: has ended!

for music documentaries, artistic films about music and musicians, short films with a focus on music and music videos for the film programme SEE THE SOUND at SoundTrack_Cologne 10:

SoundTrack_Cologne is the German festival of music and sound in film and the media. Since its inception, with its congress as well as festival programme, SoundTrack_Cologne has developed into the leading European platform for music in film and the media.

The film programme SEE THE SOUND is dedicated specifically to the combination of moving image and music, and presents the best examples of music documentaries, artistic films about music and musicians, biopics about musicians or bands, discerning documentaries about concerts, or portraits of bands, short films and music videos.

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PEER-RABEN-MUSIC-AWARD at SoundTrack_Cologne 11 · November 19-22, 2014

SoundTrack_Cologne again awards the prize for the best music in a short film: the PEER-RABEN-MUSIC-AWARD. 

The prize is awarded by SoundTrack_Cologne in memory of the great German film composer Peer Raben. The award money is donated by Peer Raben’s estate.

For the PEER-RABEN-MUSIC-AWARD, which has been awarded for the first time in 2009, SoundTrack_Cologne is again looking for the best music in a short film. Awarded will be film scores where the relationship between the narration and the music and sound is innovative and dramaturgically striking. 

Entry deadline for the competition is over. 

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67th Festival de Cannes

Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014, 12.00am – 7.00pm Place: Plage Goéland, Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes

With Beckmann, the composer of the film music of F*CK JU GÖHTE which has been one of the most successful German films in recent years, Matthias Weber – LOLA winner for best film music 2014 (DAS FINSTERE TAL), Academy Award winner Jan A. P. Kaczmarek (original music for FINDING NEVERLAND · UNFAITHFUL), Danish director Lone Scherfig (AN EDUCATION · ITALIENISCH FÜR ANFÄNGER ) and the composer Jean-Michel Bernard (BE KIND REWIND · SCIENCE OF SLEEP) the German Film Music Day 2014 will once again present film music from Germany in an international context.

With the German Film Music Day the leading German industry forum SoundTrack_Cologne together with ECSA European Composer and Songwriter Alliance and FERA Federation of European Film Directors as well as the German composer unions Composers Club, DEFKOM/DKV and mediamusic, provides an international platform for presenting German film music.

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