3:0 for France - SoundTrack_Cologne gives EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD and Peer Raben Music Award

A highlight of SoundTrack_Cologne 8.0, the Cologne Congress for Music and Sound in Film and Media, was the prize-giving ceremony on Saturday. 5th of November 2011. Horst Peter Koll was, for his life's work, awarded the SoundTrack_Cologne Achievement Award. The EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD went to Olivier Militon (filmscore), France und Nathan Blais (sound design), France. The Peer Raben Music Award went to Pablo Pico, France.

EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD to Olivier Militon (FILMSCORE), France und Nathan Blais (SOUND DESIGN), France

In the context of the competition of SoundTrack_Cologne, the EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD was awarded for the eighth time. This year sound designers and composers were encouraged to work together to create unique soundtracks combining both art forms.

The EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD in both categories FILMSCORE and SOUND DESIGN went to the team from France: Olivier Militon (score) und Nathan Blais (sound design).
The special mention went to Krzysztof A. Janczak, Poland/France.

Quote from the jury's statement:

Category Filmscore: Olivier Militon, France
"Oliver Milton's music is used to subtle dramaturgic effect. It underpins the story and the emotions which go with it, yet retains its own artistic independence. Time after time the composition builds up an arc of tension while, at the same time, leaving room for the sound design.

Category Sound Design: Nathan Blais, France
"Nathan Blais' sound design is decisive and rich in variation but, like the music itself, does not try to push itself into the foreground. The interplay of composition and sound design lends the film tension and wit. This is particularly noticeable in the rhythmic interplay of cuts, noise and musical elements.

Special mention: Krzysztof A. Janczak, Poland/France.
"Krzysztof A. Janczak reveals himself as a virtuoso composer. With his chamber musical approach he succeeds in presenting the story in a child-friendly manner, and his music casts light upon the psychological aspects of the figures."

"In the European Talent Competition 2011, the high level of craftsmanship of the young European composers and sound designers becomes evident. SoundTrack_Cologne offers them the chance to further develop their all-round understanding of film", says Matthias Kapohl, head of the European Talent Competition 2011.

Members of the jury were: Stephan Colli (TORUS Filmtonpostproduktion), Michael Krügerke (WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne), Annette Pisacane (producer), Gesa Marten (editor), Stefan Will (composer).

Peer Raben Music Award to Pablo Pico, France

For the third time the Peer Raben Music Award for the best music to a short film was awarded in the competition of SoundTrack_Cologne 8.0. Awarded was a film score where the relationship between the narration and the music and sound is innovative and dramaturgically clear. The score of the composer Pablo Pico to the film "Dripped" satisfied the criteria of the jury. The winner of the Peer Raben Music Award wins 1.500 euros.
The special mention went to Pierre Hansen, Luxembourg

To quote the jury's statement:

"The Peer-Raben Music Award 2011 goes to Pablo Pico for his composition for the film "Dripped". With masterful use of his musical skills, he manages to create an independent, organic and authentic composition which reflects the true meaning of the story. With its sensitive dramaturgy, his music becomes an integral part of the film. In addition to the jazzy style of music Pablo Pico has also demonstrated his ability to adopt an unconventional approach to sound."

"We would specially like to commend Pierre Hansen. His music for the film "Der Solist" (the Soloist) leads us into an individual and original universe of sound which succeeds in relating the idea of a "musical world formula" lovingly and full of fantasy and irony."

Members of the jury were: Martina Eisenreich (composer), Erica von Moeller (director), Fabian Römer (composer).

The SoundTrack_Cologne Award to Horst Peter Koll

Enthusiastic, determines when it comes to content and visionary when it comes to structure: The chief editor of FilmDienst magazine and the editor of "Edition Filmmusik - Composed in Germany" was awarded the SoundTrack_Cologne Special Prize, which was presented by festival director Michael P. Aust.

Extract from the Laudation:

"[...] If we award you this prize today, then not least in order to send a message. We need understanders, facilitators, allies; culture needs partners like you.

And a world like the one in which we live, where quotas replace dramaturgy, where controllers meddle with the work of creative artists, where we who create are done out of the payment for our labours, such a world needs people like you, Horst Peter: People who believe in content and not in asset values, who let feelings express themselves instead of suppressing them, who make it possible for people to experience things which let them flourish".

SoundTrack_Cologne 9.0
15 - 18 November 2012

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