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Interview with Michael McCann (Borderlands 3)

Michael McCann tells us how he got into scoring and what he likes most about scoring for games:

'My first score was actually a play in high school in the early 90s. We did an adaption of Orwell’s 1984. I had been messing with synths & electronic music for a few years already – mainly using a synth workstation my brother and I had saved up to buy. With that synth I started making demo tapes; basically learning how to produce / write music and spreading it around on cassettes. At the end of grade 11 I walked into the school’s theater and asked the teacher if they needed any music for their productions. My style then was kind of electro-industrial, so I wasn’t sure if I’d suit their projects. But they were looking at doing 1984 for the next year’s production, and I was like 'Oh, hell yes!'.

I got the greenlight and spent the summer pillaging the local video store, watching a bunch of movies, and trying to figure out how to write a soundtrack. I also had to figure out how to do a 90-minute soundtrack live, basically all coming from one synth, with a 128-bar sequencer and a bunch of floppy disks. I think I ended up doing some live stuff, some pre-recorded, and there were a few pop songs thrown in. I remember the sound booth being a mad house during the shows – sound guy, mixer and me just plowing through tapes, floppy disks, working with this small mixing board…and I think trying to do some surround sound stuff with the rented PA system.' […]

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