SoundTrack_Cologne will take place for the 16th time in 2019. It is Europe's leading congress for music and sound in film, games and media, and a source of inspiration for the growing landscape of festivals and congresses in Europe. In some 30 round tables, panels, workshops and networking events, the focus is on current developments in the culture, law, marketing and technics of media music as well as business cases, professionalization and networking.

The best of of the relation between film and music - that's our position. In 2018 SoundTrack_Cologne celebrated its 15th anniversary with numerous international guests.

SoundTrack_Cologne is a film event - from the music perspective. It addresses business professionals as well as an audience interested in film and music. Although all the traditional elements that are vital for professionals are there, there remain one thing in its focus: to make film an experience.

SoundTrack_Cologne makes its audience experience, how influential, diverse and versatile music and sound help to  narrate a film; judical, economic and aesthetic work conditions of film composers in a global market are reflected. In workshops, workshop talks, case studies and panel discussions a dialogue is established between the various film trades. Experienced and established film composers pass on their knowledge to the next generation. 

Contests like the European Talent Competition and Peer Raben Music Award appeal to the younger generation of composers and sounddesigners; the European universities and education institutions are brought into contact at EEAMS, the European Education Alliance for Music and Sound in Media of SoundTrack_Cologne.


Film program SEE THE SOUND

SEE THE SOUND, the film programme of SoundTrack_Cologne shows the broad array of connecting image and sound and brings extra-ordinary music films, which are otherwise seldom found in cinema to the big screen.

During the film programme from August 22nd till 26th, 2018 a total of six German premieres were brought to Cologne. 


The Team

Head of Festival: Michael P. Aust

Head of program: Michael P. Aust, Helge Borgarts
Consulting: Dr. Anselm C. Kreuzer, Prof. Hansjörg Kohli
Head of competitions and award ceremony, Matchmaking, Consulting: Dagmar Blume-Niehage
Head of EEAMS (European Education Alliance für Music and Sound in Media): Yati Durant

Head of program: Michael P. Aust
Junior curator: Sarah Schygulla
Consulting SEE THE SOUND: Dagmar Blume-Niehage, Johannes Klein

Head of organisation: Simeon Ostberg
Press and public relations: Christina Dittmer
Heads of technic: Markus Aust, Johannes Dröge
Team Technic: Henning Marquaß
Graphic: Markus Aust


Organiser contact

Televisor Troika GmbH
Trajanstraße 27
50678 Koeln

fon +49 221 931844 0
fax +49 221 931844 9