Dimitrie Leivici


Mr. Leivici is known as one of the most experienced session players in L.A. with over a thousand movies he has played on and is currently holding the position of Concertmaster at the Synchron Stage Vienna.

Born in Bucharest, Romania he began his studies at the age of six and was accepted at the Vienna Academy( nowadays University of Vienna - School of music) as a violin major at fifteen and graduated from there after only six years.

Moved to L.A. where he began his career as freelance musician and simultaneously as a soloist.

After several international successful solo concerts in Europe and the US with leading world class orchestras such as London Symphony and London Philharmonic settled down to focus on mainly session work in the Hollywood Studios.

Occasionally stints, such as First Concertmaster position in Mexico City and numerous appearances on the lecture circuit as a former university professor! Complete bio on his website at www.leivici.com.