RED: Re-Educating Digitisation


The Project "Re-Educating Digitisation" (RED) has your back and gives you the skills to perform at a high level to improve and grow. This space is for sharing knowledge among cultural institutions and event managers. It provides training and guidelines for online marketing, SEO and SEA, as well as on visitor research and non-visitor studies.

RED is an Erasmus+ funded cooperation project of 7 European organisations.

Online Marketing and Analytics

With our guide on data analysis, you will be able to set up reporting tools that help you visualize all your data. Additionally, learn to analyze these data findings and evaluate your online communication!



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Visitor and Non-Visitor Research

The project RED provides you with qualitative and quantitative methods to improve your visitor surveys successfully.

Ever heard of non-visitor surveys? In order to extend your audience non-visitors and almost-visitors need to be detected and reached. RED gives you tools to create non-visitor surveys that will help you in the audience development process.


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