Digital Marketing & Analytics

Website and social media traffic can be explosive and bring so much more to companies or projects in terms of sponsorships, sales, and engagement. With a correct roadmap, each cultural industry website can be converted into a media machine with high, targeted traffic.

With this online marketing basics course, participants will be able to improve their marketing and communications by following good practices and paying attention to digital properties.

  • Data based audience development for culture industry
  • Digital Analytics & Google Analytics
  • Google Ads & Facebook Pixel
  • Audiences & Re-marketing
  • SEO & Content marketing

Our latest & most compharensive presentation is available to download here: Analytics and SEO presentation


A complete step-by-step guide will help you improve the reach of your digital content. Find the Roadmap on our Notion page:

Personal Branding & Content Creation with AI

With the help of AI you can unlock the power of creating your digital identity. This presentation provides an overview of strategies for defining your brand, amplifying your online presence, and fostering authentic connections with the help of artificial intelligence. Discover how to showcase your unique talents, values, and story effectively with practical tools that help you to create content easily and quickly.

The full presentation is available online:
Personal branding & AI presentation