Nominees 2020

The EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION offers a platform especially for young talent. The participants‘ tasks was to compose a new musical interpretation (score and/or sound design) to the short film DANS LES BOIS.

The nominees (in alphabetical order): Francesco Berta (score), Ben Falkenroth-Steinbach (score), Georgios Georgopoulos (score), Thérence Guillerme (score), Nick Harbourne (sound design), Gary Hirche (score), Dennis Le Rose (score), Benjamin Löfberg (sound design), Yin Lu (score), Raphael Pereira (score & sound design), Dilan Safari (score), Dennis Tjiok (score), Sinan Varis (sound design), Leo Wang (sound design), Fabian Zeidler (score), Dominik Zingler (sound design).

The competition screening takes place on Saturday, August 22nd. The nominees and their new scores for DANS LES BOIS will be presented on the big screen to the audience and jury, moderated by Yati Durant.

The winner of the WDR FILMSCORE AWARD has the opportunity to record his composition with the WDR Funkhausorchester. The WDR FILMSCORE AWARD will be presented in cooperation with WDR and WDR Funkhausorchester. The awarded prize of the EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD SOUND DESIGN is a 5.1 Surround Short Mix in the prestigious sound mixing studio TORUS in Cologne, which has donated this award.

The PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD will be awarded for the twelfth time. Films scores with innovative and dramatically coherent use of music and sound in relation to the narrative will be honored. The award commemorates the great German film composer Peer Raben, whose estate donated the prize money of 1,500 euros.

The competition screening takes place on Saturday, August 22nd.
The nominees and their films will be presented to audience and jury by composer André Feldhaus.

The nominees (in alphabetical order): Cora (Yi-Huan) Chung (SENTENCE, Director: Mike Davies, France/Germany), Zeina Azouqah (REVOLVO, Director: Francy Fabritz, Germany), Jakob Eisenbach (LUX, Director: Wendy Pillonel, Switzerland), Pierre Funck (AUTOUR DE L’ESCALIER, Director: Jonathan Laskar, Switzerland), Sarah Playford (STRENGTH, Director: Hedvig Ahlberg, Agathe Barbier, United Kingdom), Alex Symcox (CURANDERA, Director: Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann, Peru), James Wedlock (A GLIMPSE, Director: Tom Turner, United Kingdom)